A Two on Two playground game

Second video from the NYU Game Center’s Student Showcase

Staccato at the Game Center Student Showcase

Early Playtest of Staccato

Staccato Design Goals

The game requires few resources and efficiently uses a small space.

We’re aiming to create a game that doesn’t require an incredible amount of oversight or resources to host. In other words, we want P.E. classes, workshops, organizations, friends, etc. to easily pick up a ball, mark up the game space, and jump right into the game. Creating that low barrier to host a match is crucial for us because we want many to be able to easily engage with (and hopefully enjoy) our product.

The game doesn’t require great strength or speed, but rather focuses on finesse and tactics.

In an effort continue this idea of accessibility, we need to be sure to create an experience that many people will be able to enjoy and not something that only works with the most athletic players. A large problem with most sport-type games is that it is quite difficult to level the playing field via a set of rules. For example, we can look at basketball and quite easily point out that taller or faster players will almost be inherently better than shorter slower players - even if both groups have never played the game before. This is an obstacle we want to overcome.

The game can be played in short play sessions (potentially in rounds).

To keep many people engaged with the game and allow for many different combinations of play to occur, we believe it would benefit our game to keep play sessions relatively short. Keeping the same frame of mind as the other two games, this allows players to jump in and jump out of games without having to commit an hours at a time.

So art might not be our forte but we think it still gets the rules across!

1st Draft of Quick Rules Sheet for 5/1 Playtest

1st Draft of Quick Rules Sheet for 5/1 Playtest

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